See all my level design projects where I use my understanding of game theory and pillars of level design to blockout interesting levels.



I recently ended my 10 weeks level design studies tutored by Shane Canning (Square Enix) with lectures of Emilia Schatz (Naughty Dog).


Full mini linear level with progression and narrative. The player must steal a secret artifact from the facility.


Ghost village where the player should explore to find three towers avoiding some phantoms.


Non-linear maze with a lot of paths and connections where the players should reach a big objective and explore the maze to find coins.


Collection of games and projects that I designed and programmed in the univertity or in my previous work.


I have developed various projects in the Jaume I University. As a final degree project, I made Light, a game using light as a mechanic. I designed it and created the demo. Moreover, I worked in narrative projects, and made some game design documents.

I also started working in Pescapps, a kids games company. I worked as a Level Designer using Corgi Engine in Unity. After that, I have designed and programmed nine games in Pescapps using Unity and C#. Game downloads have reached over a million.

Nowadays, I am currently working in my own company called Master Key which the main goal is to design escape rooms and dynamic projects. I develop apps in Unity with Vuforia to scan some objects in the escape rooms using AR.

Kids Adventure

Platform game developed using Unity and Corgi Engine. My work was using Corgi Engine to create the game levels.

Goose Game

Traditional Goose Game developed using Unity and C#.

Math Kids

Math game witch contains six mini games for developing kids math logics. Developed using Unity and C#.

Cars Hill Climb

Drive faster, earn coins and reach the major distance you can. With these coins, the player can buy and improve new cars or play in different worlds. Made with Unity.


Play to this traditional game. It can be played It can be played for one to four players, selecting human player or AI player. Made with Unity and C#.

Frogger 3D

The classic frogger game maded in 3D. Dodge cars and trees and don't fall into the water. Made with Unity.

Snakes and Ladders

Drop the dice, go up stairs or go down the snakes. It can be played It can be played for one to four players, selecting human player or AI player. Made with Unity and C#.

Burger Kids

The aim of the game is making burgers following different recipes. It has three game modes: missions, time trial and create your menu. Made with Unity using C#.

Magic Piano

Play music using a monster piano. The game has two modes, free mode and guided mode. In the guided mode, the player can select different songs to play guided by the game. Made with Unity.


Join the different points to discover one image! These points can be letters or numbers. Made with Unity using C#.

First Aid

Game focused on teaching first aid techniques in schools. Developed in an team tutorized by Jordi Adell, one of the most important academics in education. Made with Unity and C#.

Virtual Pet

Take care of your pet! Give him food and magical potions. Bath him and make sure it slept. The game includes twelve mini games to play with your pet. Made with Unity using C#.


Game focused in children audience. It has two different modes to play. Made with Unity using C#.


Platform game in 2D which uses dynamic shadows and different shaders for creating different mechanics focused on the illumination. Presented as a bachelor’s final project. Made with Unity and C#.


Logic game (known as Picross) which aim is discover the image using the numbers. It was made using cocos-2d-x library.

F2P Game Design

Design of a F2P game.


Hi, I’m Álvaro and I know that my site is working as a video game level designer, creating products to be proud of, collaborating and cooperating with my colleagues and learning from them.

I was graduated in design and development of video games at Jaume I University where I adquired knowledge about design, programming and art.

I have had the pleasure of being part of a mobile games company for children where I have designed and programmed different games with different mechanics. In addition, I currently design dynamic experiences in my company, Master Key. We use technology to create fun and innovative learning.